I’m Kim! 

So what am I doing here? What’s my purpose, my point with all of this bloggingness? Well, I am a trained journalist. Trained as in I have a degree in Journalism. As in I’ve been a reporter, a copy editor and a page designer. I’ve freelanced, and still do, which is what keeps me (lovingly) tied to this field. This means many things (to me, at least) but mostly that I love current events. I love to write. And I like to see how events and things shape my surroundings. Sometimes I don’t want to be objective, which as you may know, is strictly forbidden in my chosen field. But it’s true, sometimes I just want to write my own opinion, what I actually feel. And so here is my outlet. I will warn, the contents of this blog will likely have a positive spin. That’s because I’m of the Glass is Half Full school of thought. Like the title of my blog suggests, this is a shiny life. There’s enough sadness and grief out there, trust me, if anyone gets it, I get it! So why not share the shiny aspects of life? I couldn’t think of any reasons not to, so here I am. I’m here to be happy. It’s not something I can guarantee 100 percent of the time, but I’ll try : )

So more about me I guess: I love being outside, being with my family with my friends and I particularly enjoy adventures. Adventures: they can include – but are not limited to – new restaurants, other countries, cities of all sizes, encounters with interesting people (which usually happens to be people in general), live music, sporting events, outdoorsy things, places with a history…I just really love trying something new. There’s just so much to see and think about!

Oh yeah, and I live in Michigan (Metro Detroit to be more exact). I’m an elitist because I live in a peninsula ; )


One response to “About

  1. Jen Dombrowski

    How could you hide this blog from me!?! I love it thanks for sharing your adventures! Have fun in poland! See you soon for our Chicago excursion…although it won’t be nearly as exciting as your adventures abroad!

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