A wedding and floating on tubes: a summer recap

Here I am with the newly-married duo in the party bus headed for the reception!

Life has ebbed and flowed in a lazy fashion in the space between Vegas and now. Though there have been a few notes of excitement here and there. Namely my brother’s wedding.

In said wedding I got to be a bridesmaid (yay) and a part of all the fun wedding things. The journey as a whole was a lot of fun, I told my brother he should act like a groomzilla (insert link), it would have been funny because it’s not his style at all. Kristen, his wife, was totally calm throughout the process, too.  I think it’s because she’s organized, organized people seem to be able to maintain a higher level of calm under duress.

Anyway, the bachelorette party was really fun. A party bus to Detroit! I forgot that I’m not 22 anymore and probably haven’t partied in such a way since then…let’s just say the next morning was rough.

The wedding day was my favorite! It’s always fun to get girled up with someone else doing my hair and makeup. A limo bus took us to the church for the wonderful ceremony complete with ringing of an old fashioned bell. It’s the chapel’s tradition for a newly married couple to ring it as they leave. And then I made them ring it again! Remember those childhood field trips to an old, one-room school house and everyone wanted to ring the bell? This was like that. I was super jealous of their bell ringing ways and I think it’s safe to say, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to ring it! The reception was a total party (and the food was the best I’ve ever eaten at a hall!). My parents where hilarious on the dance floor…and so were my brother and his friends. Such silly boys!

The wedding was early July. July was otherwise pretty quiet. Lots of outside running! My apartment is by some fantastic trails and it’s been so nice to get outside and away from the treadmill!

I went tubing a few weekends agp with two of my friends, Kristine and her sister Lisa. We floated for five hours along the Rifle River. It was wonderful; a quintessential Michigan thing to do. Very relaxing, really pretty and now my sunburn is finally faded!

In the space between, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of wandering through some antique fairs (added to my vintage Pyrex collection), enjoyed many a meal on a patio…my favorite. Spent a lot of time with family and friends. I’d have to say, I can’t complain too much! But if I was going to… I’d lament that my summer has lacked a real up North trip, a boat ride or two and some swimming. I hope I can get my up North fix this winter with some skiing!

As I look ahead, I feel excited! There are so many fun upcoming things; fall is always such a wonderful time.

And who do we have here? Oh, it's just the fruits of my summer time labor! My patio tomato did such a nice job of giving me yummy tomatoes this summer!


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