Being a grown-up = neglecting the fun things…or does it?

Neglect. That’s what happens when life picks up the pace and components of said life are pushed into the corner (or all over my dining room table…) and forgotten about.

Well,  maybe not entirely forgotten about. While trucking along at work, having not moved for hours from the hand-on-mouse, lean for the monitor pose, my little hobbies and projects poke into mind. They dance around and remind me of how awesome they are and how lame I am for working all week.

And so I leave early. Visions of doing WHATEVER I WANT dance around in my mind but by the time I get home, I take a nap. Oh well. I suppose that doesn’t always happen. I don’t always leave work early and I still devote a healthy amount of time to doing whatever I feel like, but still.

The summer weather that Michigan decided to finally let in has made me wish more and more that I was independently wealthy and/or owned a boat. A house boat! I would need the independent wealth for sure with that one, I think.

Memorial Day Tigers' game. Hottest day yet, but so perfect!

Summer is one of my favorites, but I hate how fast it slips through my grip! Life seems to amp up faster and faster during the precious summer months (in Michigan, they are absolutely precious)  and go by so quick. Hold onto it tight! As for me, I will be doing as much outside stuff as possible, which is probably obvious. My first sunburn was acquired yesterday at the Tigers’ game (we beat the Twins!) Fyi on that one, spray-on SPF is a joke. It kind of worked and where it didn’t, I look like I have some kind of weird blotchy skin disease. So skip that product no matter how amazing it seems! (colorful packaging gets me every time).

And how about a summer song? Or, how about an entire album! I just bought Foster the People after listening to their song Houdini. Check it out. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s great driving around music. I loved their first single, Pumped Up Kicks, but Houdini sold me. Here is a snippet!

Cheers! And yay for June : D


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