Only Judy Garland Knows How I Feel

Well, it’s been a crazy time at work. When catching up with friends and exchanging tales of our week, I tell them that it’s been so busy. I say this with certainty that next week will be less busy. But it isn’t! It’s only been getting more hectic! Moving didn’t exactly lend to a stress-free time. Don’t mistake me for ungrateful, I’m very happy for my job and to have this wonderful opportunity to take on and learn more tasks and duties. It’s the learning curve that I need to work through.

At any rate, I enjoy the Turner Movie Classics channel. If I wasn’t so exhausted (and had cable during this transition period) I’m sure I would watch more of it to unwind. I love old movies. My mom and I get sucked into them easily and sometimes a whole evening can drift by while watching a movie or two. A few months ago “In the Good Old Summertime” with Judy Garland was on. It was a fun movie, a musical, but what stuck with me is the song “I don’t care”.

Let me tell you, that song effectively sums up exactly how I feel after simultaneously venturing into my own place and figuring out my new role at work. This song sometimes pops into my head while I’m at work and I’m seized with a desire to run up and down the cubicle rows flailing my arms just like Judy singing “I DON’T CARE, I DON’T CARE.” Just the thought of me doing that cheers me.

And here’s to another whirlwind week, I’m sure!


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