Living Out of a Bag and Other Shortcomings

So as you may know from previous posts, I am moving. To be precise, I am actually mid-move. I signed papers Monday and have been trickling in ever since. In hindsight, taking a week off of work – or even just a few days – would have been the sane route. Ha. Sanity. Instead, I have been racing home from work only to race off to do moving-in things, like buying a table or unpacking boxes.
The funny thing about unpacking has been realizing how many completely useless things I own that will not help contribute to a successful lifestyle. Aside from a ridiculous set of “silverware” (in quotes because they’re half plastic – in random colors), a pot and a bundt cake pan, I own nothing in the ways of cooking food. To my guests: I can make you coffee or serve you some wine or rum but if you’d like actual food, you’re going to have to settle for a bundt cake. I hope you like chocolate. And actually, most of my friends will be just fine that. What am I saying, they will all be ok with that.
I admit, the bundt cake pan is kind of a random thing to have when I have nothing else. Owning things that make sense hasn’t been a trend for me though, so why start now?! And really, I could make things like quiche or meatloaf in that pan. But I also have a pot! Which means I can boil water and from there, my world has completely opened up! Maybe this will just be an adventure into how creative I can get with a bundt pan and a pot. Challenge accepted.
Yesterday I did buy a cookie sheet and a (purple) can opener, so I’m getting there.
Aside from my kitchen deficiencies, things have been going surprisingly smooth for me. I was expecting the worst. I generally don’t like to expect the worst, but when forced to expect things, expecting the worst really works out well. I love being surprised when things go well! This past weekend, I had little hope after I realized I packed my list somewhere. It was especially devastating because I’m not a list-making person, I prefer a note on a sticky to an actual list. But sometimes, a note on a sticky won’t cut it. So I made a list and then apparently packed it. I panicked the next day when I realized my misfortune, because it was quite extensive containing things I needed to get and needed to remember.

Here's Old Faithful, saving me from losing my mind.

To avoid such a horror, I’ve been stuffing everything I need in my purse. I am practically living out of it. Hungry? I have a granola bar! Need some paper? Let me pull out one of the notebooks I’ve been carrying around. Need a pen? HA! What color would you like!? The thing weighs a ton. Yesterday while I was vacillating over what color can opener to buy, I realized how heavy it was and how much my left shoulder was really starting to hurt. I’m looking forward to being done with this moving so I can revert to carrying only my wallet and few other (light) sundry items.



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2 responses to “Living Out of a Bag and Other Shortcomings

  1. What a fantastic bag it is, though!

    I actually have a goal to one day fit all my belongings in one bag, then I’ll be turtle-like and easy to move.

    • That’s a good goal! I would have to be a fat turtle because even getting rid of half of everything I own has been a challenge. A nice challenge though. Because in the end, it’s just stuff anyway!

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