Chicago, Good Food and Fancy Olive Oil

This weekend found me wandering through Chicago with my friend, Jen. Such a wonderful little winter escape, and it wasn’t even cold enough to break out the long underwear under our jeans!

Jen and I both like good food and restaurants but after a few failed attempts at securing a reservation later than 5 p.m., we left our dinner fate in the hands of the concierge at our hotel, the Wyndham. So a seafood restaurant it was! My favorite! We ate at Devon Seafood Grill. Who knew such amazing sea scallops and lobsters could be served in this part of the U.S.?! I would love to find a restaurant like that in the Metro Detroit area.

Good food and new things are probably one of my favorite things about traveling. I would love to eat my way around the world. I definitely would have to bring my running shoes or make sure my trips involved a lot of walking to avoid transforming myself into a giant blob.

As Jen and I browsed through the shops along Michigan Avenue we happened upon this wonderful little store called Ta-Ze. Ta-Ze sold only olive oils, vinegars and olives. We went inside.

Olive oils are not created equal. Although this I already knew. In Europe, I was in love with the different olive oils the nicer restaurants had. Some were so light and almost fruity while others were heavier with a nutty taste. The flavors were wonderful. The man working at Ta-Ze was of course an expert and so an olive oil lesson and tasting began!

Olive Oil

Made from hand-picked Turkish olives. I wonder how long this will last me...

In the end, I chose a medium-flavored olive oil with a $30 price tag. Completely worth it. Usually I am one of those sale shopper types, but there are some things I will splurge on. High quality ingredients are one of them. My little delicious blend was probably mid-range for price, there were some for much more. One day those will be mine!



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2 responses to “Chicago, Good Food and Fancy Olive Oil

  1. Mary G. Macuga

    What I want to know is, are you going to let your mom cook with this oil? Or are you going to share it with her?

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