The Storm Before the Move: Sorting, Packing, Not Crying in a Corner

In less than one month I will be moving. In less than one month all of my things need to be sorted, downsized and then finally, packed. All this before the act of moving can begin. So what this means, (although not sure why I didn’t realize this sooner) is that moving starts waaaay before the last box has been loaded.
Perched at edge of my move, I’m starting to seriously reevaluate what I had previously considered to be the difficult parts of moving. I can’t give a fully informed report on this matter since I have yet to actually move my things to a new location, but will go ahead and prematurely say that preparing to move is the most difficult part. In fact, I would venture to say that it’s quickly proving to be the most challenging task I’ve tried to chip away at. And chip, and chip… It has included going through the stuff I have accumulated and then making those hard decisions: keep it? get rid of it? Each choice carefully weighed for far too long until something that feels like dread swallows me up until all I can do is stare out the window. 
I haven’t asked for help…yet. But so far, I’ve managed to soldier on, one tote at a time. It’s actually quite impressive that I’ve been able to shed so much. Also impressive is how much I’ve been able to shed and STILL I have so much. My new place isn’t that big so I have no choice but to get rid of things and you know what, it’s a nice feeling. It’s nice to not be weighted down by stuff. My goal is me minus half of everything I own. I began to mobilize in November, which back then still meant months and months of time…weird how that gap can shrink so quickly…
But I have tips! Yes – me! Weird, I know, but it seems weirder to not include some type of wisdom in a post like this. My tips are in step format, maybe that’s weirder?
Step One
Ok, so it starts with really taking a hard look at all the junk you have and how it just sits in the basement, or where ever your junk sits. Your first thought will be, why do I still have all this/how did I get so much. Well I will tell you, since it’s in the basement where you never see it, you forget you have all the notebooks from every single college class you ever took, and the corresponding worksheets – oh what’s this – why it’s the matching text book! But WHY?!?!? Because after the semester you put them in a “to sort” box and then nearly a decade went by… This scenario can be used for just about everything. But why still have it…well, for me, I thought about going through all those mystery boxes a bunch of times, but there’s always something more pressing to accomplish… I mean come on, if it’s not hurting anyone or anything on a shelf, then why do anything with it? Until you have to do something with it. And now it’s manifesting as some kind of basement-dwelling monster.
Step Two
So with the problem clearly identified and shame of unchecked accumulation subsided, a deadline needs to be set. That’s the method that has worked for me because my jobs have always had deadlines. So it seemed like a good idea to impose a deadline on myself.
Step Three
Here’s the part that involves actually doing something. I set my mind on going through one box/tote/shelf at a time. Starting small and the amazing part about that is one often turns into three or four. My favorite accomplishment is paring down three totes into just one!
So that’s pretty much all I’ve got, and I’d say that it’s basically common sense; it’s better to break a big job into manageable bites!  
Next up: serious packing. Eek.
basement junk

So here is an example of what can't go with me when I move, which means I need to get rid of it. Yes, that's an upside down saddle. No, the trophies are not mine - they are my brother's - who has moved and seemed to have "forgot" some stuff ; )


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One response to “The Storm Before the Move: Sorting, Packing, Not Crying in a Corner

  1. Mary G. Macuga

    You are so cute! This was a fun read. We are getting rid of our entertainment center and I have to go through it, and decide what is a “keeper” and what gets a new home. I will take your tips!

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