Blizzards, Groundhogs and Nonsensical Weather Reporters

Shovel time

Clearing snow, being silly, it's been a nice day : )

I’m feeling skeptic. I think weather reporters have an ulterior goal, and that’s to drum-up an irrational dose of fear.

This isn’t the first time local weather reports detailed frantic predictions of certain death-by-snow. If I hear the term “snowmageddon” one more time, you will see my violent side. Just an FYI. Anyway, an end of the world blizzard was supposed to begin yesterday at 7 p.m. and continue blizzarding until 7 p.m. today. Twelve inches AT LEAST were promised.

Meijer, and every other grocery store for that matter, were packed for the last two days as people prepared to be trapped in their homes, where burning of the furniture would inevitably be required to stay alive.

While some prepared in fear, I waited with glee at the edge of my seat. I love winter. I love snow. And I haven’t had a good blizzard in a long, long time.

To shorten this story, I will fast forward to this morning when I woke up to a snowy morning. But there wasn’t 12 inches. Maybe six. I mean, it was good, but it wasn’t exactly what the news reporters had been hysterically reporting for the past two days. 

Which brings me to my point, weather reporters need to tone it down. My first-ever post on here was weather-related and back then, over the summer, the reporters told us we would all die from a treacherous thunderstorm. Yeah, I know, I’m exaggerating (a little). But is it responsible reporting to stir up an entire population for the sake of ratings? I think not.

Meanwhile, in Punxsutawney, Penn. a groundhog named Phil saw his shadow. I completely forgot about Groundhog Day until I looked at my calendar this evening. According to Phil, who didn’t see his shadow, we will have an early spring!!

In the last 123 years (nine of which weren’t documented) the groundhog, which is also a woodchuck, failed to see his shadow only 16 times. According to this very legitimate-seeming website Phil has been accurate 39 percent of the time with his shadow/no shadow predictions.

At any rate, it was nice to stay home and catch up on doing nothing all day. I did watch a lot of news, a lot of the Egypt uprising coverage…interesting times, I can’t seem to take my eyes off the coverage.



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2 responses to “Blizzards, Groundhogs and Nonsensical Weather Reporters

  1. Italian Stallion

    you should have watched First Forecast Mornings on CBS. Lori Pinson said it was only going to be between 8 and 12 inches and thats what we got!!! she was the only one in the market who was close/nailed it.

    and as far as phil goes… shouldnt we switch what the meanings are of him seeing his shadow at this point. there more of a chance of it being the opposit with a 39% sucess rate!

    • Yeah, right – like I’m going to wake up early on a snow day to watch the weather! And as far a Phil is concerned, does anyone really live and die by his predictions? I hope not. I think he’s just a fun folk hero!

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