Numerically Speaking

6 planes

5 airports

2 times I accidentally called the flight attendant to my seat

3 countries

2 stamps in my passport (!)

4 meals that contained seafood

0 times I ate food familiar to me

2 hotels

3 hotel rooms

3 times I was too overcome with emotion to speak (each time in Poland)

4 different types of mass transit utilized

1 pair of shoes I probably ruined from the streets in Warsaw

10 band aids to save my poor feet from shoes that I thought I had made friends with

0 times I was lost in either city

1 time I was lost in the Stockholm office…

2 museums

243 photos taken

25 minutes of video filmed

4 cups of European-style coffee I drank on average each day

3 bottles of wine I helped consume

4 times the locals thought I was one of them

And too many times to count that I was inspired, moved, interested, enlightened and otherwise completely excited to be exploring a new land.


Heading home

Almost home : (

I took the stars from my eyes and I made a map and knew that somehow I’d make my way back…… Florence and the Machine “Cosmic Love”


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