And Today I Was Enchanted

I think that mermaids and unicorns and wonderful stories I only hoped would be true when I was a little girl were all dreamed up in this part of the world. Today I went for a visit to the past, straddling today and oh I dunno, the 1600s, maybe. My day started with the Vasamuseet on the island Djurgårdsbron. Then I wandered to the Old Town, or Gamla stan. It’s where the Royal Palace is, guarded by guards in fancy uniforms and machine guns. I even happened to be there when they were changing the guards. It was quite a ceremony, similar to the one at the Arlington Cemetary in D.C.

That is an entry way at the Royal Palace.

Guard at the Royal Palace

And here is a guard near the side entry way at the Royal Palace. They all carry machines guns. The guards with a higher rank also carry a sword. I mean, you never know, can't be too safe, right?

Gamla stan was very charming, it was also very touristy. For January, I was very surprised by the volumes of people who were there. I can only imagine how crazy it would be in the summer! I’m glad I saw it when I did. I took many, many pictures. I will have to feature a recap post for everthing. In fact, I’m sure I could stage them as a series.

My day also featured riding along in the public transportation. The tunnelbana, or metro as the rest of the world calls them (or so I’m told, I have a very limited amount of actual real-world knowledge in that department) was very easy to navigate and very cavernous-looking.


At the Karlaplan station

 I’ve only been to U.S. subways and none of them were like this. D.C. at least has the taller ceilings, but these were very neat! I believe it was the Karlaplan station that was like a work of art. They were all beautiful in their own way, and all featured something different, but this one was especially special.

In addition to enjoying the tunnelbana, I also enjoyed the trams. For me, public transit is just as much of an event as sight seeing and that’s because where I come from, there is hardly any mass transit to speak of. The People Mover in Detroit shouldn’t count and I don’t know anything about the bus system other than it’s not usually on time.

Going up

Here is one extended sized escalator, and after this one, is another one just as long!

I think what this really means is that I’m very easy to please. Give me mass transit and you will have a very happy girl. Show me the Baltic – I’M DELIGHTED.
WHAT?! A PALACE?!? …. You can see where this is going. I’m just very wide-eyed by all these wonderful new things to look at! 

And this is where Stockholm keeps their snakes. Just kidding! It means lift, which for Americans means elevator.

Well. Back home tomorrow : ( So soon. So soon.

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