Oh, Warszawa

I think I left a part of my heart in Poland. I truly loved it there! Next time I go, I want to spend more time exploring other areas. I’m not being ungrateful – I loved every second of my stay there! Meeting my Polish colleagues and going around the city with them was fun. It was interesting to see and learn about the city from their perspective. I only wish I had more time there.

I’m in Stockholm now, so posting these now are a bit out of order. I’m not glued to my phone – too busy looking at everything – so that’s why! Plus, I only get 50MB of international data use (free wifi at the hotel though!) so I’m carefully guarding my usage. After the 50MB is used up, it’s FIVE DOLLARS per 1MB. That seems kind of high. So I’m just going to stay under it.

Ok, so how about something fun!?How about a 360 view of the Old Town Market in Warsaw!

Even though it’s named “Old Town” it’s actually not very old at all. All but about two buildings were  completely destroyed during WWII. In fact, 80 percent of Warsaw was destroyed during that time. From that aspect, it was amazing to be in a city I’ve learned about in school and then have the opportunity to experience it now. There are some churches that were not bombed and are still standing. I have pictures of them on my camera, so I have to wait until I’m back home to upload.

In the center of the Old Town Market is a mermaid. She is one of three throughout the city. I asked my Polish colleagues what the significance of the mermaids are, and they didn’t know. They said they learned about it when they were younger in school – some type of legend – but couldn’t recall it. We joked about how it’s easy to take the place you live for, for granted. Anyway, I googled the mermaid legend and here is a link about them. It’s a delightfully whimsical tale!  http://www.warsaw-life.com/poland/warsaw-legend (and apparently there are other versions).

Below is a shot I took yesterday morning at day break (well, near day break) from the front of my hotel. (Directly above where I took this was my hotel room!).

Day break in Warsaw

The building the Russians built for Warsaw tries to hide in the foggy morning.


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