Flying The Way It Was Intended

So it’s late and I have to work in the morning but I will say that European airlines have it figured out. First of all, it was a smallish plane from Arlanda to Chopin. A bus took me to the waiting plane and I boarded it like a rock star (from the Tarmac). In my mind I was a rock star, anyway. The fellow businessmen in their stuffy suits nearly ruined it for me!

LOT plane

LOT Polish Airline, the airline that gets it.

Once boarded, I noticed the ample leg room, which is practically unheard of stateside (anyone ever fly Spirit?).

Then they fed us – REAL FOOD! It was only an hour and 40 minute flight and on the way there they served us a sandwich and on the way back it was a turkey wrap. It’s the little things. Free salted nuts are ok, but are completely blown out of the water by the treatment from the LOT airline.

Free beer

Beer, like this one, and wine are served FOR FREE on LOT Polish Airlines. Maybe free beer is the ultimate anti terrorist measure. I'm looking at you, America!

Ok! Now it’s waaaay past my bedtime! I’m back to Stockholm and get to explore on Saturday. I have no idea what’s in store for me tomorrow – well, besides work : /


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