Peacocks in Poland?

Yes, there are peacocks in Poland! In Warsaw, to be exact. Most unexpectedly, I saw them in the distance hanging out with a few ducks and almost couldn’t believe they were really peacocks. Like a star-crossed fan, I rushed over to them to take their picture – and they didn’t even care! Though I did rush slowly so not to totally scare them. They must be used to people; they were practically photogenic. There were a handful of them at the Ujazdowski Park, which is quite large and tree-filled. It’s beautiful in January so I can only imagine how pretty it is during the warmer months. 

Until now, I thought those fun, giant birdies preferred the warmer climates. Apparently not. A few of them were standing IN the snow. 

My favorite

If I thought he'd keep quiet and didn't mind long flight I would have snatched him up and whisked him back to Michigan with me!

The peacocks were only a very small snippet of my very incredible day adventuring around Warsaw. I have a video of the city I will post on here when I can connect with my laptop. Sadly, the wordpress app I’m using off my phone is proving itself useless.



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2 responses to “Peacocks in Poland?

  1. Julie

    It is perfect that you saw peacocks on this trip!!! I am glad you are having so much fun on this trip. I am also so excited that you decided to blog, you always have so many interesting things to say !!! Miss you, see you when you get back : )

    • It was so surprising to see them! I mean, this trip has been amazing as it is, and then peacocks!!?? 🙂 I have a surprise for you (well and Steve too probably). See you soon!!

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