See, I Made It

Snack of champions

DTW to JFK. Snack time!

This flight took off 30 minutes late and then once in NYC, waited for a parking spot (gate) for 30 minutes. And THEN it was a mad dash to the next gate. Made it just. in. time.


Racing toward the sunrise to say good morning. Look below at the frozen ground.

I just couldn’t sleep. So I pulled up my shade to discover this! And then they served us breakfast.

First stamp

I'm official now!

After walking along a labyrinth of wood floors through hallways and staircases of Arlanda airport I made it to the passport checkpoint (not customs, I didn’t have to go there at all). I pushed my little empty passport to the women through the small opening in the glass window. She asked me two questions as she flipped through my passport. Flipped back to the first blank page and stamped it neatly at the top! How did she know I really wanted it stamped in an orderly fashion and not on some random page in the middle?



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2 responses to “See, I Made It

  1. Mary G. Macuga

    Kim, I am so glad you made it safe. sounds like you are having a great time. BTW you are quite the packer, all your stuff in 2 carry-ons? You must be a traveler at heart!! Be safe and have tons of fun.


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