Baggage And Fancy Free

It’s finally here – my first trip to Europe! Sweden here I am!

This past week I’ve been a bundle of excitement, talking non-stop to anyone who would listen, or even just appear to be listening. The inability to sleep from excitement could also be added to my pre-trip list.

Also to be added: packing. I’m glad I gave myself extra packing time because there was more to do to get ready for this trip than my usual domestic trips. I’m sure once I get the hang of this, it will be the same. I mean, now I have the power adapter. That in itself was an ordeal to obtain. It was an ordeal because I had no idea what I was trying to buy. I opened boxes of every type of convertor, adapter, combination, multi-country and everything in between in Target’s travel section. Unsatisfied (and more confused) I headed to the dreaded Best Buy where I made a worker person walk me to the area where such adapter things were located and then (to his obvious horror) I opened sealed boxes containing said items right in front of him. Things were less confusing there and I found just what I was looking for. I hope. I guess I’m about to find out…

Ok. So with that settled I was able to continue on with my packing merriment. I’m generally not a fan of checking luggage, I’m a carryon kind of girl. That’s just my distrust in the airline’s ability to make sure that my suitcase makes the plane change as well. My distrust is unfounded; I’ve never had a luggage mishap. Either way, I’m not a heavy packer and don’t usually need a suitcase that requires checking. But Europe for a week? I was pretty sure I could keep it within my two allowed carryon bags. Mission accomplished!

Inside that suitcase (that fits nicely in the overhead) there is a laptop bag, two pairs of shoes plus all my clothes. Got it down to a science!



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