A Shiny New Year

It’s a new year and what have I noticed… that I only posted two things in 2010 on my poor neglected blog. So not to put high expectations on myself, maybe for 2011 I will make THREE posts!

Cheers to the New Year! And no, this wasn't me on NYE. I stayed tucked away at home that night!

Since this is a new year, and a new year always has a way of greeting you with a fresh, shiny face, that smiles with an almost annoying amount of hope that I can’t help but get all giddy about, I will discuss my thoughts for the year.
BUT FIRST, I will provide a brief overview of 2010.
2010 came to my rescue after that bear of a year, 2009. That horrendous year didn’t kill me, and because of my survival, I’m fairly certain that nothing will ever kill me. That year tore through me like a forest fire leaving only new shoots of green that were able to sprout and flourish in 2010. Oohh 2010, you came to me with open arms and the warmest, most flower-scented hug. I was a new person! Just like shiny promise of every new year.
Noteworthy things I did in 2010: I went to Florida with my family, attended The Rally to Restore Sanity in D.C.! I worked waaay too much – BUT – I got a good, full-time job (again, finally), I spent more time outside than I have in a long time, which in the Book of Kim = much happiness and pleasure, I re-stacked my priorities…right, I know, that shouldn’t be on a list like this, right? But it is. After careful editing and stacking I steered the helm towards the sunset and while it hasn’t necessarily always been sunsets, it’s been a really good year.
This past year I really took stock of the people I’ve surrounded myself with and while I’ve always known that friends and family are important, this year I really let myself embrace it. I even let myself cry a few times both with joy and sorrow. I embraced ME! It was the Year of Kim.
And so now here is 2011, sitting on my lap like an energetic child.
Resolutions… I am not one for resolutions. Instead, I like to choose things to do. Because really, people don’t usually change THAT MUCH, or at least enough that will yield results with just the declaration of a simple statement. Usually it’s the things people do that will change them. Kinda like that saying about the journey being the important part, because it’s the journey that will shape you, not a simple statement that says I will stop being like this and instead I will be like that.
So here are a few journeys, I guess I will call them, that I’d like to accomplish for the this odd-numbered year (I’m an odd-numbered age too, which I have a theory about, maybe one day I will explain).
Journey One
I really want to run a half marathon. I’ve only been talking about it for two years! I’ve always loved running. And I went from just loving to run, but never thinking I could do a 5k or a marathon, to then completing a 5k (not the hardest thing to accomplish, but still). You know what that taught me in a third grade teacher way of telling you that you can do anything, that I just might be able to do more than I ever thought.
And so I will run like the wind for a half marathon and hope to God that I won’t finish last. I don’t mind being near the back of the pack but PLEASE GOD not last! Someone has to be last and you know what, it’s not gonna be me!
So running goals: faster, farther.
Journey Two
Another thing I’d like to accomplish is to remove myself from this continent to another even if it is only for a short amount of time! North and South America will not suffice. Sorry South America, maybe next time.
Journey Three
Explore a new artistic medium. I’ve always been curious about the potter’s wheel and glass blowing (not at the same time). Along the same theme, I would like a regular basis of creative activity flowing through me.
Journey Four
My own place. I finally have a good job, and money and no debt and now I will launch into a new world of being on my own and not starving to death. Exciting!
Journey Five
This could be piggy-backed with the first one, but why not give it its own. To try something of the physical nature that I haven’t tried yet. Like sailing! I’ve always wanted to do that! I haven’t decided on what, or how many, I just know that I want to try something new and fun.
So those are my five core journeys. They are almost blanket journeys and may spin-off into other and more things and that’s just fine. I’ve never been one to limit myself with rigid rules!


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3 responses to “A Shiny New Year

  1. Kristine

    Suggested journey: Get a pet, even if it is just a fish.

  2. Moom

    I am encaptured! I so enjoyed reading your blog; I could read your writings all day. You need to write books! 🙂

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