The Storms of Summer

Weather is the most popular subject; it’s the perfect icebreaker. And this is where I will begin.


Every season is my favorite for their own reasons and quirks, but summer seems to have the most reasons for me. So I guess if that’s a way to stack something up against another, summer would be my number one. In the past, I have measured a good summer by the amount of trips I’ve taken (also a way I measure whether or not a year has been a success). Using travel as a form of measurement isn’t a very scientific process, I should probably just start calling it a grading system instead. And I grade on a curve. Anyway, my point: even though I haven’t taken any summertime trips, it’s been a pretty decent summer. Super hot and usually humid. No complaints. I like wearing skirts! It’s also been pretty stormy. But who doesn’t love a good storm (well, besides my dog)? Although now there are likely more than a few people in Michigan who hate them thanks to that uprooted tree on their car, for example, or the tornadoes and lightning strikes. They’ll come around.

My favorite storm story so far was a big one at the end of June. It was believed to be so terrible that one TV station stopped all programming and just had constant weather updates. Although I don’t think constant and update can live together, it was just constant. The weatherman would occasionally walk in front of the Doppler screen. And then the weekend weatherman showed up to help out.

This was snapped through my office window a week or so ago at about 1 p.m. It was such a fantastic storm!

 I was SO READY for the most amazing storm ever. I rounded up all the flashlights and made sure they had fresh batteries. SO READY! After all that, all we got was a little rain. It skipped my area. Ann Arbor got the storm instead – even though the Doppler screen showed all of us getting it! It must have been a ratings month, or the boss was out of town,  because l don’t think it was bad enough to cancel regular scheduled programming for END OF THE WORLD weather coverage.

There are more storms ahead too! All week. Ninety and stormy! I’ll take ’em! But here’s the thing about hot and stormy summers in this mitten state, it means winter will mirror summer’s conditions… but with icy temperatures and blizzards. When I comment on this it upsets people. Most people don’t like winter. I think they forget what state they live in. It’s called the Winter Wonderland for a reason! Our license plates used to declare that! I’ll spare everyone the winter talks for now and concentrate enjoying the humid overcast day we’re having.


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